What is 'Elite channel partner programme' (E.C.P)

Pitamaas as digital marketing specialists, we offer an Elite channel partner program. We call them E.C.P. We shall join hand with you to establish and grow your own digital marketing network from training, sales, service, accounting. E.C.P Program is especially designed to help people who are dynamic and confident in marketing to boost their income and to increase their credibility.

About Pitamaas

Pitamaas is a creative agency having their head office in Ludhiana, Punjab and two branches in N.C.R Delhi & Lucknow, U.P. Pitamaas is having over six years experience in the industry, we’ve countless businesses, which got outstanding results and achieved great milestones with the help of our digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Brand Support

  • You will be equipped with a complete suite of services that will enable you to provide extensive support.
  • Our impassioned focus on providing unparalleled value to the customer through a compelling mix of product offerings and pricing means that you get a head start on the competition.

Technical Support

  • Technical support and back end day to day working will be operated by Pitamaas with our own resources.
  • Access to a committed, and reliable technical support team who will avail all modes of communication to ensure an error-free and harmonious customer site.
  • Regular updates about the latest product, marketing and technical developments.

Sales Support

  • Sales and business development will be handle by E.C.P.
  • You will have sales support team at your disposal, that will work closely with you to address your requirements from conception to implementation and beyond.
  • You can enjoy the rewards of your customer relationships by receiving lead locking and renewal alerts.

Benefit to join as E.C.P with Pitamaas

  • Equipment, offices and other tangible assets are cash killers, but With E.C.P no need to all.
  • You have to take care only new sales and we will take care of your existing clients on behalf of you.
  • No monthly expenditure.
  • Hassle free services from company professional & we have dedicated partner support team.
  • Our Partner’s are equipped with resource, tools and knowledge to help their grow own digital marketing network.
  • For a longtime business partnership.
  • We can help identify good fit prospects, and are with you every step of the way through sales process.
  • Profitable Business opportunity.
  • Specially customised software to run operations of invoicing, accounting.

Comparison between E.C.P Module & Traditional network Setup

Head Sub-Head Traditional Way ECP
Premises Rent Yes No
Setup Furniture Yes No
Computers Yes No
Softwares Yes No
Air conditioners Yes No
Equipment Yes No
Human Resourcement Content Writers Yes No
Graphic Designers Yes No
Motion Ad Designers Yes No
Social Media Executives Yes No
Team Leader Yes No
Tele caller Yes No
Peon Yes No
Expenses Electricity Yes No
Broadband Yes No

Responsibilities of E.C.P (Simple. Flexible. Profitable.)

  • We shall appoint you as an E.C.P for a specific area. E.C.P will do Marketing in the allocated area and get the business on behalf of Pitamaas.
  • Through this program, you serve as the liaison between Pitamaas and clients. All materials, communication, and other data that we collect for you will be completely stripped of all Pitamaas branding.
  • If there is a need for us to participate, help, or consult with your client during a project, we’re happy to do so. In those situations, we act on your behalf & serving as an extension of your company, answering any questions or explaining digital marketing techniques directly to the client.
  • In our E.C.P programme puts our digital marketing experience to work for your clients with a sales model that is profitable for you. This will allows you to focus on what you do best and simultaneously provide top-notch digital marketing services to your clients. Our partner program gives you the ability for such services like Social media marketing ( SMM), Search engine optimization (SEO), blog writing, content creation.
  • Our billing model is so simple. You will get a commision on the monthly receipts. Your business can effectively turn a profit while offering a comprehensive marketing strategy without having to worry about providing services you’re not as experienced with.